Truth About Cancer Campaign!

 The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 1

Cancer has been in my family every since I can remember. My mother Rebecca Craft and my grand mother Rebecca Craft both battled this horrible disease.


My father battled this disease and my brother currently is fighting cancer. Yes there are some victories and to see plenty more victories we have to become informed with the current data on the topic. These series of videos can change your life if you want to be truthfully informed. Don’t go listening to doctors claiming they have the only truth. No. The world has the truth on the world wide Web the most informative device on the planet is the internet so let’s get that understood first. So here is the web. Check the videos out if you want to make an informed decision when the doctors tell you these words, “YOU HAVE CANCER.” Fight, Fight, Fight with information because you can’t fight when you don’t know how, but listen to your doctors as well as get fully informed. This site does not give medical it legal advice. Please Consult with your physician or your attorney!

DeŴayne Craft Hu

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