Asset Launcher Pro Community Real Estate Charity “POINTMAN!” GET IN GET THE EXPERIENCE!


Thanks for your. Conference Call Success! Everyday collecting contracts each project needs a POINTMAN! To start it off our conference calls were a Happy success on the first morning and evening as we press on our “Pointman Training!”

This is opening the gate. I’m happy to see this start of a new direction in our organization. Everyone knows before March first we hit this PayPal link to enter the markets around the world. This is where I began to teach my group full-time how to master your financial skills in seeking and flipping High Equity Property. As you know each month we will choose a different POINTMAN to handle contract negotiations on the new property contract. Each Pointman will work with me as their mortgage equity consultant guide. Thank you for joining our team. Click-on the PayPal link below to make your Pointman Payments and let’s watch our team grow in 2017 as we make it our goal to complete our 100 deals. $15 is our monthly team membership fees attached to the POINTMAN payment.

De┼┤ayne Craft
Flip 100 Team 2017!

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