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Real Estate Investments wholesale markets are open to anyone who has either one of two things to be successful at real estate investing. Either you have the money to invest or you have the knowledge of the markets. Pointman Training delivers the knowledge and we’re not bias to who gets it. If you take the training then you get the knowledge and eventually the power of the money. If you don’t take the training then you stay where you are without ever knowing the possibilities of what freedom awaited you in the luxury lifestyle of real estate investments.

One of my launch-pads that I still use is ConnectedInvestors.com which is a great people-to-people site where investors meet

other investors. I will admit I did cheat a little. I got tired of not meeting the right people so I cheated and re-wrote my profile to admit that I spent 15 years writing and processing FDIC federally regulated bank mortgages. After that investors of a different type started to notice my bio. My business began to grow and I’m still meeting new investors everyday, but not it’s in the wholesale market that I’ve started to venture closer towards. Wholesale has an entirely different vibe to it but you can make your money if you have the knowledge.

Did you know that there is a certain way that properties wholesale property deals have to be presented to wholesale buyers. Wholesale property profiles have to be tight and advertising in a key target location is where the hottest customers will find you. Pointman decided to enter the wholesale market at the traffic exchange marketing level. This way Pointman Cooperation could be certain of it’s future that it would fully be investing into a millennial world while building real estate investments using advanced modern day information technology, digital marketing tools such as pay-to-click advertising. With just 10 clicks a day real estate wholesalers can advertise their properties to buyers while earning up to full-time income. Paying for the $50 advertising pak places your funds into the Pointman traffic exchange center. When the wholesalers clicks on wholesale ads everyday then that’s when they get to view what’s in their markets but they also earn an income from viewing those other ads.

Pointman as a real estate wholesale traffic exchange junky, we plan to pride ourselves on this niche. Traffic exchange allows PTC to pay it’s viewers for viewing ads, and different type of ads too. You can view Animated ads, text ads, link ads, video ads and banner ads. In the most of it all out goal is to see wholesale real estate as the ultimate advertiser will be making most use of marketing on our site. In other words this is our new world where you will now find our joint-venture customers and our wholesale properties that we have for sale.


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